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On-Site Training

No work site safety program is complete without properly trained craft. P&I Supply and our partners offer a variety of training and consulting services to fit your needs. Many of the at-height training courses that we offer are designed to be performed on site so you can maximize the number of craft that are trained and lose no time getting back to work. For more advanced courses, P&I can help you schedule training at a nearby safety training facility of your choice.

On-Site Safety Training

Demo Trucks

Between our at-height safety partners, P&I has access to a fleet of over 55 specialized vehicles that bring hands-on fall protection training demonstrations to your jobsite. 

These demonstrations show actual drop tests with force measuring instruments so workers are familiar with the forces they may experience during a fall. 

P&I Safety Specialists

P&I has a team of qualified safety specialists that are certified to train craft on your jobsite. A majority of at-height courses necessary for the craft are offered through P&I using acquired training credits. Our specialists can also perform on-site assessments and provide you with suggestions to make your program stronger and safer.