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Digital Requisitions & Approval Workflow

P&I offers a full set of online tools for digital requisitioning and approval workflow. Our website provides the most frequently used items for EPC projects in industrial construction. We know the products craft workers need to get the job done, and our website highlights and brings contract or blanket agreement products to the forefront for easy selection of the right items.

Industrial jobsite workers ordering online products.

Hidden Costs of Traditional Requisitioning

Small tools, safety, and consumables can quickly exceed budgets if not carefully managed. Procurement costs need to be controlled to maintain the profitability of the construction project.

Eliminate the high cost of craft waiting on product by simplifying requisitioning and reducing the cost of approval delays.

What does it costs to order the wrong product and start the purchasing cycle all over again? Miscommunication can cost more than the tool. With every point of clarification and reordering, time and money are wasted.

Chart: Accumulating Costs on Jobsite while Craft Wait

Online Requisitioning Efficiency

Our site is built with company, jobsite, ship-to, and user-level permissions. We make sure requisitioners, supervisors, and procurement users see only what they need to see — from product, pricing, carts, quotes, orders, shipment status, proof of delivery documents, invoices, and reports.

Users can batch work for streamlined requisitioning and approvals. Saving multiple named carts and allows team members to work on them independently. For approvers, all the pending carts can be found in one place – and accessed on any device with an internet connection.

Approval Workflow

Our digital approval workflow is powerful and customizable. We coordinate with our customer's procurement team to set the following controls per their specs:

Icon: Product Selection (tools)

Product Selection

Access to full catalog or selected items only, clearly identify contract items

Icon: Clip Board

Approver Levels

Requestors, supervisors, procurement, & more

Icon: Price Tag

Pricing Visibility

Limit pricing to the right users in the right roles

Icon: Credit Card Lock

Approval Thresholds

Set specific triggers for supervisory approval

Icon: Shopping Cart


Users who can create carts

Icon: Price Tag

Order Size Limits

Predetermined custom tiers to help speed approvals

Diagram: Approval Workflow from Requisitioner to Procurement with Thresholds

For each step along the path, the requisitioner receives instant email notices to track progress. An initial email gives them a log of what was in their cart when they started the process. Each time an approver changes or accepts their cart, they get notified of the action.

Approvers will be notified when a cart is ready for them to approve. Within the email they receive a link to review the cart online. Here they can make edits, add job or cost codes, and approve the cart to go on to the next step.

Example Email: Approve or Edit - Order Information - Comments - Status

Order Status, Reports, and Audits

The procurement management process would not be complete without handling everything that comes after a purchase order is submitted.

  • Real-time, online order status, 24/7/365
    • Shipment Status — Confirm current status, recently delivered, next delivery
    • Proof of Delivery — View receiving signature, manifest, pack slips
    • Invoices — Tied to pack slip and POD documents by PO#
    • Reports — Control user access, request custom reports
  • Standard and custom reporting options
  • Full audit trail of the approval workflow per order

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