We Supply Speed, Efficiency, and Control

We supply tools, safety, welding, and rigging to the largest contractors for large-scale energy, petrochemical, and oil & gas projects throughout the United States.

Who We Are

You will find that P&I Supply is the most responsive, dependable, and capable supplier you do business with. Our promises are personal; our answers are immediate. We understand your unique requirements for small tools, personal protective equipment (PPE), and consumables. We return quotes more quickly and more completely than our competition, and provide creative solutions to meet your challenges. 

Our service model and extensive inventory allows us to deliver same or next day to your project site.

Owned and managed by a second and third generation family, we have met the ever-changing needs of our customers since 1950.

We are experts in fall protection, drop prevention, PPE, hand and power tools, and all the consumables that you require. Look to us for solutions, training, and support across the spectrum of your small tool, PPE, and consumable requirements. We also provide support products such as gang boxes, ladders, light rigging, cords, hoses, welding blankets, cordage, and more.


95% of contract items delivered same day / next day


We streamline your processes by customizing ours to fit yours


Measure through KPIs and keen data management