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Drop prevention products secure tools for the worker at height. Attaching tool tethers to anchor points helps to prevent injuries to workers or bystanders if an object is dropped from at height. P&I is a stocking distributor of the major drop prevention safety brands. Search our site for attachment points, tool tethers and lanyards, tool buckets, bags, pouches, holsters, and more. We offer a variety of options for tool tethering. Need help? Ask for some recommendations.

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We also provide an industry leading drop prevention training program.  Begin with our general awareness program and move to our certified 4-hour competent person training class. Graduates of the competent person class can lead your drop prevention program devel/opment.

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The science of fighting gravity.

Protecting workers takes more than just keeping them from falling; their equipment also needs to be kept safe at height. From construction sites to oil rigs, we help make work environments safer and more productive by protecting workers from hazards that can result in personal injury, equipment damage and tool loss.

A well designed dropped objects prevention program is as equally important on a job site as human fall protection. It is possible to minimize dropped objects on the job site through high quality engineering, user-friendly products, and proper training.

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