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This innovative tethering set will providedrop prevention station
he site with a one stop shop for tethering tools. An employee, expertly trained in tool tethering by a P&I expert,  will man the station and tether tools for anyone on site. They will also keep the station stocked with our easy reorder system and lock it up when not in use.

What are the benefits?

  • Turnkey Design: Ready to go when it hits the jobsite.
  • Convenient: Keep it stocked and tether any tools on the spot.
  • Easy-to-Use: Labels indicate appropriate attachments and tethers.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Tether guides and posters included.
  • Efficient: Time saving.
  • Everything Included: Digital scale for weighing tools
  • Mobile: Strategically place anywhere on the site - no more walking to the tool room to tether your tools.
  • Innovative: These are the future of tethering a job site.
  • Secured: Lockable and weatherproof.
Drop Prevention Station Flyer

Tool Tethering System

Each Tool Tethering Mobile Station includes an easy, 4-step guide to safely tether tools. The process only take a few minutes. An introduction is included below.

1. Weigh The Tool (up to 50 lbs)
Weigh the tool
2. Select an Attachment Point

Attachments vary depending on tool weight and size. If the tool already has a manufactured tether point (tether-ready), you can proceed to STEP 4. If it does not, choose the appropriate attachment point.


1 lb or less


2 lbs or less


5 lbs or less


35 lbs or less

3. Secure the Attachment Point to the Tool

If using the d-ring or the tool cinch, you MUST wrap the tape 10-12 times over the attachment point.

secure attachment step 1
secure attachment step 2
secure attachment step 3
4. Connect the Lanyard

Choose appropriate lanyard and connect to attachment point

Lanyard 5 lb

5 lbs or less

Lanyard 10 lb

10 lbs or less

Lanyard 35 lb

35 lbs or less

Lanyard 80 lb

80 lbs or less