COVID-19 – Mitigating Risk in Shared Spaces

This is installment #2 of our "Stop the Spread" series.

In our first installment we covered products that supported the basic best practices from the major health and safety organizations — including cleaning, disinfection, sanitation, hygiene, social distancing, PPE, and protective gear.

As craft returns or continues working, reducing the contamination of shared areas is critical. We’ve identified a few common areas on or around the jobsite that may need special attention. P&I can assist with the right equipment and products in all of these areas too.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, inventory status is rapidly changing.


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Transportation: Busing Workers In and Out

To adequately protect the workforce, cleaning and disinfecting procedures are being implemented from the start of their days to the end. This includes the buses that get them to and from the jobsite. P&I suggests ensuring distancing practices are carried out on the bus. This could include staggering seats by marking some as "closed" with custom signage or marking tape, or reducing the number of people on each bus. It's also critical to disinfect the bus frequently using EPA approved disinfectant and protect the driver with the appropriate PPE like a disposable face shield.

Hand SanitizerDisinfectantsSprayersRagsPaper TowelsCustom SignsFlagging & Marking TapesDisposable MasksEye ProtectionFace ProtectionDisposable GlovesDisposable Clothing

and Sign-Out Processes

Your jobsite sign-in process may include gates, time clocks, clip boards, and pens — all areas to clean and disinfect. Staggering start times to reduce numbers at any given time and social distancing is important.

Disposable MasksHand SanitizerCustom SignsFlagging & Marking TapeBarricade ChainDisinfectantsFace ProtectionDisposable Gloves

Lunch Areas

Most jobsites have been staggering lunch and other breaks already, and most are allowing for cleaning and disinfecting between those times. Be sure to practice social distancing measures if possible. Beyond staggering lunch times, this may include marking off seating as closed. Also be sure craft has plenty of access to sanitation stations to wash and disinfect their hands. Finally, try to limit the use of shared containers, such as water jugs, and instead opt for personal use items like bottled water or Sqwincher FastPacks.

Flagging & Marking TapesBarricade ChainHand SanitizerHand SoapDisinfectantsRagsPaper TowelsHydrationDisposable MasksDisposable Gloves

Shared Equipment & Tools

The Coronavirus is resilient on surfaces, so shared items are a concern. Whether that is with reissuing tools, workface gang boxes, or other shared equipment, jobsites are now disinfecting these areas regularly. Consider disinfecting tools upon return and before issuance. Tool rooms can also be fogged inside and out with cordless disinfectant sprayers.

Disposable MasksDisinfectantsSprayersRagsPaper TowelsDisposable Gloves

Office Areas

Doors, desks, chairs, and computer workstations are high-touch areas. Office personnel may also need face shields that do not require hard hats — P&I has those too! Be sure to disinfect these work spaces on a regular basis with products designed to kill the coronavirus. Look out for doorknobs as a particular hot spot. If a trailer has private offices, consider closing the office door upon final disinfection and exit for the day to discourage spread of germs into that office.

Disposable MasksFace ProtectionHand SanitizerHand SoapDisinfectantsRagsPaper TowelsToilet PaperCustom SignsFlagging & Marking Tapes


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