COVID-19 – Keeping it Clean

This is installment #10 of our "Stop the Spread" series.

This series has touched on higher personal hygiene practices and keeping the workface clean. Now that things are starting to get back to normal, we know you are trying to find the best routine that works for your crews. Here are some suggestions to remain efficient and still meet the new rigorous standards.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, inventory status is rapidly changing.

Effective Disinfecting Options

The thought of disinfecting and cleaning common areas every day can be overwhelming. Fortunately, the CDC has provided a plan for managing these tasks. By using the correct tools, cleaning crews can efficiently and effectively maintain a clean and safe work environment. P&I stocks disinfectants and cleaning supplies that are approved by the EPA to work against the COVID-19 virus. Paired with our hand-held, battery-powered SaniSprayer, deep cleaning doesn’t have to be a burden.

disinfectant    sprayer






Convenient Sanitation

Daily cleaning is only one part of keeping workers safe. Frequent personal sanitation is a crucial part of mitigating the spread. Personal hand sanitizer bottles are a great option.

In addition to that, P&I is introducing a new product that is an all-in-one solution! Available for order today, we are offering two custom-designed sanitizing stands. These sanitizing stands hold either two 1-gallon hand sanitizer jugs for use in passing or for refilling personal bottles; the other stand holds a 1-gallon hand sanitizer jug and a 3-gallon bucket of disinfecting wipes.

stand kits   hand sanitizer   pumps   bucket    wipes













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