Legal Disclaimer Related to

COVID-19 Products

  1. As a result of the critical situation caused by COVID-19 and the low market supply of many products needed to protect healthcare workers and others throughout the world, P&I Supply has sourced and is supplying a number of products developed for general purpose use only. We make no claim to the suitability of these product for whatever purpose.
  2. Due to the urgency of the need and the requested speed to market, the Buyer understands that P&I Supply and some of its suppliers have not undertaken typical or customary FDA, OSHA, safety, healthcare, or other regulatory testing and approval of the Product, and that P&I Supply is therefore unable to warrant or represent that the Product will provide the necessary protection against the virus causing COVID-19 or other viruses, disease, or other biological exposure.
  3. In addition, some of the products marketed on this site are not intended for general industrial or construction applications.
  4. Customer agrees to assume all responsibility and liability in relation to (1) their use of the Product; and (2) any third party application and use of the Product. P&I Supply hereby disclaims all warranties, including without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and of use for a specific purpose, and offers the Product to Buyer “as is.”
  5. Buyer agrees that all Products are sold on the condition that Buyer will examine and test samples to determine whether the Products: (i) meet Buyer's requirements; (ii) are appropriate for the Buyer’s intended use; and (iii) comply with Buyer’s compatibility and use requirements.

It is the Buyer’s responsibility to verify that products purchased from P&I Supply are suitable for the use for which the Buyer intends them. This responsibility includes the resale, donation, or transfer of any of these products to third parties.


Please also review the other legal terms and conditions provided by P&I Supply


We are happy to help answer any questions you may have regarding these Terms. Please reach out to us at (800) 356-1137 or by other means shown on our contact page.


Last Updated:  4/22/2020