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P&I Supply is creating a small series of posts to help large construction projects and other essential businesses as we all continue the transition to new and safer processes. Some never stopped work, while others are now planning your return — either way there are new guidelines for safety on your jobsite. P&I is here to help.

As we all seek to follow the advice from the WHO, CDC, FDA, OSHA, and state or local organizations, we know those guidelines will require new levels of discipline and new sets of products to help make it work. Together we can find the new normal and ease the transition and management of these changes as much as possible.

This page will link to each installment of this series as we release them.

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P&I Supply - "Stop the Spread" Series


Installment #1

Staying Safe with New Processes

Installment #2

Mitigating Risk in Shared Spaces

Installment #3

Hand Sanitizers & Dispensing

Installment #4

When Workers are Sick

Installment #5

Toolrooms & Tool Kits

Installment #6

In Search of Alternatives?

Installment #7

Safety at the Workface

Installment #8

Here's What You Need

Installment #9

Return to Work

Installment #10

Keeping it Clean