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These standard on-site classes provide the basic foundation of all fall protection training. Centered around OSHA and ANSI requirements, along with state, provincial, local and industry regulations, this core training is designed to ensure that all employees working at height are thoroughly trained in the essentials of fall protection. Below is a description of the core fall protection on-site training package.

Body Support

  • Sizing & Correct Donning of Full Body Harness
  • Recognizing Attachment Points
  • Proper Care & Storage


  • Certified vs. Non-Certified (Improvised)
  • Acceptable Anchorages & Anchorage Connectors


  • Development Of A Rescue Plan & It's Importance
  • Potential Hazards Associated With Rescue
  • Suspension Trauma & How To Combat The Risk


  • Explanation of ANSI Requirements
  • Associated Hazards
  • Snap Hooks, Carabiners, Lanyards, Energy Absorbers


  • ANSI Standards For Equipment Inspections
  • Guide To Following Manufacturer's Requirements
  • How To Properly Destroy & Discard Equipment

Fall Protection Demonstration Truck

Between our at-height safety partners, P&I has access to a fleet of over 55 specialized vehicles that can bring on-site, hands-on fall protection training demonstrations to your workforce. We demonstrate actual drop-tests with force measuring instruments so workers are familiar with the arresting forces they may experience during a fall. This provides an excellent introduction to fall protection awareness.

If you are interested, schedule this service through your P&I representative.