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Our short lead times and accuracy mean you will get superior service on your orders. We can drive waste and inefficiency out of your supply chain, and provide significant cost savings in your processes.

When we enter a Blanket Agreement with a customer, we will provide 95% of those products to the project same day or next day. This performance is maintained whether we are providing $100,000 or $2,000,000 a month to the jobsite.

Even without a Blanket Agreement in place, we typically deliver over 90% of all items in less than five days. We track our days-to-delivery performance for blanket and non-blanket items, and report it quarterly by jobsite.

With short, reliable lead times, your sites can minimize overbuying, hoarding and waste. We can replenish your tool cribs daily, improving your service levels to the craft.

The key to this performance is our unique branch mobilization model. As your preferred supplier, we will mobilize a fully operational branch near your major project. Our branches are typically over 15,000 sq. ft., and stocked with inventory specifically designated for your project. We deliver to the site at least once a day, with our own trucks and drivers.

We are in effect an extension of your tool program, without the cost.

Local Dedicated Branches

Dedicated Branches

With our dedicated branches, you will find we provide the inventory you prefer, in the quantities you require. When dedicated inventory is located within an hour of your jobsite, and managed by P&I Supply resources, your project will experience unrivaled service levels with a minimum inventory investment.

On-Site Tool Containers

On Site Tool Containers

When applicable, our on-site tool containers can play a key role in your project. The inventory selection and quantities will be customized to your project’s needs. Our containers are insulated, climate-controlled, and well organized with barcoding and tracked locations. These storerooms can be used in conjunction with a P&I local branch, or in smaller or remote projects, they can serve in place of a P&I Branch. They can also be used in tandem with your central receiving function on a project.

You can run these storerooms with your existing storeroom management software, or you can use ours. With our solution, an authorized requisitioner can enter an FMR from any web-enabled device. It immediately appears as a pick list in the crib, and the attendant can send a message to the requestor when the order is ready to be picked up, eliminating long waits in line at the crib.

We want to help you win more work by providing a best-in-class tool program at the lowest prices.