Gripps H01110 Lifting Tool Bag Spill Control 249 lb Rated 12 x 15" Vinyl Hook & Loop Top Bull Bag

Item #GRIH01110

Arguably the most robust lifting bag in the world, the reinforced Bull Bag features a smart locking Velcro mesh sleeve that protects against accidental spills and drops while allowing light into the bag.

Fully load rated reinforced lifting straps allows for easy transportation of the Bull Bag to the work area and built-in tether anchor points mean the tools are ready to be used as soon as the bag is opened.

Height: 38cm/15"
Diameter: 31cm/12"
Max Load: 113kg/249lbs
Dual-Action Carabiner


  • Heavy-duty Velcro closure with locking feature protects against accidental spills.
  • Reinforced dual-layer mesh enabling light into the bag for full visibility of contents.
  • A strong composite insert in the base of the bag protects against punctures.
  • Made with extra heavy duty oil-repellent vinyl and tested to last in the harshest of construction environments.
  • Dual-action carabiner to secure Bull Bag during use.
  • Built-in tether anchor points inside the bucket, enabling tools to be tethered directly to the inside of each bag.
Manufacturer:  GRIPPS
Brand:  GRIPPS

ClosureHook & Loop
Dimensions12" x 15"
ProductTool Bucket
Weight Capacity249lb
TY-FLOT,Stronghold by Guardian®
Ty-Flot TTB180VYVC Spill Control Tool Lifting Bucket 180 lb Rated 12" x 15" Hook & Loop Vinyl Black Pure Safety
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