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We offer our customers access to our custom-built eCommerce site. This site is available on any web enabled device, both desktop and mobile platforms. It offers all the standard functionality we have come to expect from robust eCommerce sites, but it does much more. Our system is designed specifically for large contractors – it is not intended for use by individuals.

P&I Supply's eCommerce software is a web interface to our ERP system and all data is live and real time. 

Our site is highly customizable by user credentials. Authorized users can see open and past quotes, orders, and invoices. Users can search with Customer Part Numbers.

All your contract items will be loaded with rich content including specifications, images and more.

Our inventory and database has specialized products used by large EPC contractors who build projects in the power industry, and in the oil, gas, and chemical sectors. These products make up over 80% of the items used by these industries.

eCommerce Site Preview

Customizable Features By User

  • Corporate users can see total activity and toggle between projects
  • Other users can be limited to specific project activity
  • All data fields can be controlled by User ID
  • Key functions such as view history, view invoices, create carts or favorites can be controlled by user or by user groups

Requisition Approval Workflow

  • Carts can serve as requisitions and flow to supervisors for approval
  • Requisitions can be viewed with thumbnail images and hyperlinks to the product